Artist Statement.

My work centers around wanting to create spatially complex yet cohesive pieces through  notions of wrapping.  The physical and conceptual integration of wrapping objects, either with something, around themselves, or onto themselves, in design creates objects that are visually dynamic, yet clear to understand.  Discovering this idea of integrating forms into one object started by exploring interlocking geometry that would reflect the same shapes and patterns in everything from the thickness of the material, to its joinery, and even the spacing of its layout.  Intending to use subtle repetition of form to relate each individual aspect of the piece to one another, unifying the overall result.  


    Going further into this exploration of enfolding form through the process of bent lamination, I hope to create objects that wrap into or onto themselves. By balancing between allowing for the natural will of the material and employing guided control at certain points I hope to create spatially dynamic pieces using a less rigid process of wrapping.  Through this more relaxed design process I hope to be able to continuously refine a design throughout its development, and gain a more analytical perspective of spacial reasoning as well as further understanding sympathetic use of material.